Our Vision: “A community where everyone is healthy, happy and connected”

Everything we do at the YMCA North Tyneside is centred to give back to our local community and support young people. One of our main aims is

“to create a sought after offering for young people that inspires and motivates them, and helps to raise their aspirations and develop career opportunities.”

The money from your membership is invested back in to the community

To enables us to do this, we have a range projects and youth facilities within the community, on the streets, and in schools.

Our Mission: “As a sustainable charity we offer opportunities for lasting personal and social change.”Some of our main projects include:


At YMCA North Tyneside we currently house 20 young people in our sheltered accommodation at Sir James Knott House and community house. We would love to house more young people still living on the streets.

YMCA Music Studios

The YMCA Music Studios is a premium mastering and recording studio with excellent technical facilities. The state of the art music studio is also an education centre, delivering creative, relevant and inspiring music industry education and training for students studying at BTEC Levels 2 and 3 in partnership with Tyne Metropolitan College.

Please explore their website www.ymcamusicstudios.com where you will find further information on the YMCA Music Studios amenities.


There are many fun and unique projects to utilise the imaginations of children and adults. Some of our heritage projects are made possible by The Heritage Lottery Fund.

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