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Free weights area:

We have a range of dumbbells from 7.5kg – 52.5kg , 5ft & 7ft Olympic Bar, EZ Bar and plates ranging from 1.25-25kg, 1 Power Rack, 1 Smiths Machine. 10 strength machines including cable cross, shoulder press, lat pull down, low row, leg press and more.


In-Body 230 Analyser:

InBody system is the creation of a sophisticated technology using tetrapolar-8 point tactile electrode system which makes it possible to perform segmental analysis for the entire body and give accurate measurements of Bodyweight. Body Fat (%), Body Fat Mass, Skeletal Muscle Mass, BMI, Waist to hip ratio and Total Body Water.

This fantastic piece of equipment is FREE for all members.


Cardio Gym:

Our Main Gym currently has 22 pieces of cardio equipment, including Precor Treadmills, Bikes and AMT’s, StairMaster Step Mill, Concept 2 Rowers, etc. We have 12 SportsArt strength machines, a TRX frame for body weighted exercises, a Punch Bag and a range of Kettlebells, Medicine balls, stability balls, BOSU, foam rollers, steps and mats. We have a selection of dumbbells and barbells ranging from 1kg – 30kg.

We also run 40+ classes on a weekly! Please check out our classes page for more info.