As we enter 2019, for a few short weeks, many of us will make promises to ourselves to get fitter, eat healthier and live a cleaner life to improve our overall wellbeing. But as motivation runs dry, we soon slip back into old habits and our gym memberships become a distant memory… only leaving the bitter reminder of an overpriced direct debit every month.

But what if you had a deeper, more meaningful source of motivation to help you achieve your goals?

YMCA gym offer a well-established fitness facility with the latest Les Mills classes, professional gym equipment and free one to one fitness support for all members, however, unlike most gyms, the proceeds from all gym memberships help transform the lives of young people in North Tyneside.

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Every​ class participation, every​ step on the treadmill, every drop of sweat poured… you get the point, but in all seriousness​,​ all activity within YMCA Gym contributes to a greater good for the local community.​ ​

​Combine this with our January offer of unlimited gym access for just 50p per day and the prospect of a happier, healthier you starts to become an achievable reality; after all, what could be more rewarding than making positive changes happen in your life as well as others.

​If you have any questions about YMCA Gym, visit our contact us page or call 01833 695780